New & Improved Outdoor Water Filter Unlike Any Other!!

The CUCKOO PRIME X3 is purposefully designed to ensure every drop of water that enters your home is clean and safe for use in everyday activities, such as cooking, washing and showering.


1. Reengineered PVDF 2.0 Ultra-Filtration Membrane

2. Automated Flushing System

3. Prime-X Flush System

4. Royal Out-to-In Filtration System

5. Compact form for easy installation

6. Seamless Full Stainless-Steel Vessel

7. Non-Electric Outdoor Filter


CUCKOO GOOOD PLAN from RM 85.00 / month

or Outright RM 2,400.00

[ Contact us now for Rebate RM800 Trade-In Promo ! T&C Apply ]

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